Web password manager

Yith Library is an online password manager. It will help you to keep your secrets under control in a secure and easy way. Your online data is too valuable to avoid protecting it seriously.

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Why do you need it?

It will allow you to manage your credentials and other passwords using best security practices without the need to be a cryptographer or a paranoid nerd.

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How does it work?

Each password that you manage in Yith Library is encrypted with a special secret: the master password. That's the only one you need to remember.

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Where does it work?

Your passwords are saved in a secure server and you can access them from any place using a range of easy to use web apps optimized for different devices.

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Using one password for everything is a bad idea

Today, most Internet services force you to use an username and a password as your credentials to identify yourself. Since we are not very good at remembering a lot of different passwords, we usually have only one. But what if one of those service's security is compromised and an attacker can get the passwords used at that service? Well, that means the attacker can access all the services where you use the same password. Scary, isn't it?

Manage your passwords easily

It's not as easy as using the same password for everything but you already know you should never do that. The Yith Library is super easy to use: just remember your master password is only stored in your brain and you should always use the same one. You can access your passwords from any device!

Keep your secrets secure

Your passwords are transmitted over the network using the TLS protocol and they are stored on the server encrypted. Even the yithians who run this service can't read them! Not even with their time machine...

Yith Library is a free service

Free as in freedom

  • You can use it any way you want
  • You can run your own server or clients
  • You can modify it
  • You can distribute it
  • We are happy with all of this

Free as in beer

  • You can use our server and clients without paying a dime
  • If you like it a lot, we are happy to accept donations

How it works

  • 1 Safely transfer the data with secure protocols

    When you access the Yith Library the server sends your ciphered password collection to your browser using secure protocols such as TLS. This means that nobody can sniff this traffic and see your ciphered secrets.

  • 2 Only you can access your data

    Yith Library asks you for the master password everytime you open an existing password or create a new one. As the browser does not keep the master password in memory, it is safe against malicious programs or plugins.

  • 3 Accessible anytime, anywhere

    After making changes, the data is sent back to the server where it's persisted and it is ready to be fetched from your other devices. Since it is also stored in your browser cache you can read them offline.

Access your data from any device

Your passwords are a very critical piece of data since they are the keys that open your digital accounts. You should be able to access them at home, on the run, in a foreign country without Internet connection... Anytime, anywhere!

About the great library of Yith

Those captive minds who cooperated with the Great Race were allowed to wander the Yithian cities at will and to browse the Yithians' gigantic library, which contained metallic cases with books, made of an incredibly long-lasting material, that recorded the histories of uncounted alien races, including humanity. Wikipedia

Picture of Howard Phillips Lovecraft

I couldn't live a week without a private library. H. P. Lovecraft

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